Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No ATL Job

Sadly, after spending nearly six and a half hours in the car Friday, my quest to Atlanta to apply for the PA position was in vain. The AD said she'd keep me in mind as a day player, but I think that was just consolation talk. She said they gave the positions to people with more experience. Go figure.

I'm hearing this a lot these days and reading it on a lot of job descriptions: "Must have 2-5 years experience." Yet, how is it we get experience? Could it possibly because someone hires us? Furthermore, what experience does someone really need to be a decent production assistant? It's the same shit, different show. Every time.

I'm feeling really invalidated and worthless these days. It seemed not so long ago I felt that I was good at all this and that things were really starting to look up. Guess it just goes to show how unbelievably unpredictable this business is.


  1. I'm getting the same thing applying for jobs as well. I'm being told I don't have enough work experience, but at the same time, the reason I have no work experience is cause no one has hired me and given me a shot. It's a real pain, but if I were you I'd just say screw it and make my own film. After all, a good digital camera is so cheap to get ahold of nowadays, make some friends who are actors, get a low budget script that's easy to shoot in like one or two locations and go for it.

  2. Shortfilm called "Twenty-Somethings Need Not Apply"