Sunday, March 21, 2010

ATL - Job interview

So I drove to Atlanta Friday for a job interview with a television show pilot that is getting ready to shoot next week. It was quite a thing having to drive from Birmingham to Atlanta just for an interview so I hope it went well. I got no indication from the ADs I talked to that they liked me or anything. It was short, weird, and I was very mind numbed from having driven two and half hours to make it to the interview by 3:30. On top of that, I was 15 minutes late which was made worse when I got there. A man came out of a building and told me I parked in a place I wasn't supposed to park in so I had to move my car.

It's only a two week job but it's one I desperately need. I haven't worked around Altanta film people much so this would be a great opportunity to do so and perhaps get more jobs.

On the second thought if this whole thing doesn't work out, it seems to just play into the court of opinion saying that maybe this career is not the best one to have decided to go into. I should find out something Monday. Fingers are crossed.

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