Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anonymous Casting Call

As per usual with every job I do, there's this big confidentiality agreement thing that prevents me from saying anything really interesting. So, I'll just say that I worked on a reality show casting call audition for the past few days. It was incredibly boring. I'd probably make a terrible casting director. Out of the hundred or so people they saw, there were maybe ten that were really stellar and of that ten, probably only 3 or 4 will be cast. What's crazy is that this was the last round of auditions, so they'd narrowed the pool down to 100 from what had to be more like 500 if not more.

I thought about writing a really long post about the casting process or something with some sort of insight as to how it all works but I'm opting for the slacker route instead. I'm making a reality show audition video that will hopefully be up in a few days. Then, everyone will know the pain and agony casting directors go through. Hopefully, my video will be taken super seriously, because lets just face it: I would love to be America's Next Top Production Assistant.

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