Friday, March 26, 2010

Frivolous Fridays

This is going to be a new section about all the things I think about when I'm doing the mind numbing work of being a production assistant. Today, I'd like to talk about all the things I wanted to be when I grew up, before, for whatever ridiculous reason, I decided to go into the production world and write blog posts that contain an inordinate amount of comma splices.

1. A Medieval Knight
2. Rambo
3. broadway star
4. playwright
5. lawyer
6. doctor
7. history teacher
8. documentary film maker
9. screen writer
10. studio executive

Yup, it's been a wild ride. Done everything from sword training to anatomical training using dead bodies. I write some, I lie some, I tell the truth some, and I tell others a bit of everything sometimes about something completely and utterly unimportant. Did you know that atoms are 99.99999% vacuum? That means that your body is pretty much made up of stuff that has the molecular composition of nothing. What does that mean for you and me? No one knows.

What it does mean, is that I have often entirely too much time on my hands when I'm sitting outside a house that's being used as a set and I find myself acting as "doorman" minus the fancy outfit. I hope you enjoyed this very first addition of "Frivolous Fridays"and I am excited to report that in the future you can look forward to more video content and who knows... celebrities? We'll see.


  1. I like Fridays. Wanna have one every week?

  2. Also, I think you should go for that medieval knight thing... then I can be your damsel :)