Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Football!

I can't believe I finally have a weekend day to watch football! Right now I'm chilling at the production apartment in Jamaica Plain watching Cincinnati play Pittsburgh in the snow. Next we're going to watch Alabama play Florida. Tonight's activities include a "family dinner" with the production team. Only problem is our cookware seems really depleted. Dunno what we'll cook on, but we have a grill so maybe some of the folks who were on pit masters will break out their grilling skills and make something awesome!?

Speaking of Pit Masters, the show aired this past wednesday and I was pretty happy with it. The ratings weren't to bad from what people are saying but I really have no clue what any of that means. Apparently we got a .9 and .97 which rounds to a 1. Basically it means that around a million people tuned in to watch it, which isn't bad. To make into the top 10 network ratings you ned to get around a 2.2. So, overall, everyone's pretty happy, which means,---maybe we'll all get to work on a season 2?!

Anyways, snow is on the way but it doesn't feel cold enough outside to stick. It's just that sort of drizzly rain at the moment. It's a been a long week and a Saturday watching football sounds like exactly what we all need.

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  1. It snowed this morning here in Alabama. Stuck for a few hours, but it's melted by now.