Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Promotion

So, interesting happenings this week. I've only been working for a little over 2 days now and it is already starting to feel like it's been a week. The first day on the job I got promoted to production coordinator. It's a big deal on paper, big step up from being a PA, but I'm a little murky about what exactly I'm supposed to be coordinating. Right now I've been given the job of handling our equipment rentals. That's a big part of what prod. coordinators do. So, I guess I'm on the right track. Still, I'll be responsible for a lot of the same stuff I was as a PA, due to the fact that the show is so small. So, I think my title should be more like, "de facto production coordinator."

Right now I'm setting up shop at our "production office," a really nice apartment spread in Jamaica Plains, that also happens to be the home of some of the out of town people working on the show. Today is supposed to be an office day so hopefully things will go fairly smoothly. On the horizon we have our talent taking a trip to a casino in Connecticut and a possible trip down to Miami, FL. So, we do have some orchestrating to do. I guess I'll get to it then.

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  1. Don't be modest, Mr. Production Coordinator. You're Movin' on Up! To That East Side! You're finally gonna get a piece of that pie.