Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shippin' up to Boston to find my leg

Got a job!! It's in a Boston! I'm pumped and to get in the mood I'm being a total dork and listening to some Dropkick Murphys, "Shippin' up to Boston." It's another reality show, 13 weeks. I don't really know much more than that.

In the ultimate twist of irony, I got a call for a job as a set PA on a feature film the day after I found out about the Boston thing. More than that, the job involved me getting star struck, which is something I haven't really felt in a long time. I got really excited and immediately wished I could clone myself so I could do both. Oh well, I guess it's good to have these problems.

I should probably go pack. My plane leaves the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Happy holidays! Best of luck to all of you!


  1. Cool! What was the film you were offered that you couldn't do?

  2. as much as I want to, I can't kiss and tell. sorry!