Thursday, November 12, 2009

PSD -- Post Show Depression

One of the producers sent an email out thanking everyone for their hard work on the show and describing his new funk about how he was feeling the pains of "Post Show Depression." It's a term I'm sure he coined or stole from someone and it pretty accurately summarizes how I feel, and probably many others feel after I get off of a long project.

More and more I attribute this feeling towards the uncertainty of when I will work next. I'm sending out my resume, making calls, and looking for opportunities online, but no matter how much I do that, I can't escape a sinking feeling in my stomach that tells me I might have to go back to waiting tables. A lot of people I've talked to have had jobs lined up, only to have them fall through at the last minute. Two in particular, an assistant director and a production supervisor had jobs locked up only to have the financing for their respective films get pulled. This is happening everywhere and it scares the hell out of me because I'm no where near as connected as these people and if they are having trouble finding work -- then what does that say about my own prospects?

I know I should think positive. It's hard but I'm trying. On the last night in the hotel in Cordele, Georgia, the sound supervisor and I got into a long discussion about how this recession is effecting those of us in the industry. He calls it a great "weeding out" of people who are perhaps in it for the wrong reasons. He's been on many shows, reality shows, scripted television, the oscars, pretty much anything you can name and his words of encouragement were very comforting. Still, it's nerve racking. Say this recession ends and those of us left standing and still working, what kind of work environment will we have left to work in? With so many corners being cut on productions, at what point does it end? Seems like working in production is becoming more and more like working in saw mill these days.

Looking onward, there's a few opportunities I've heard about and I'm going to try my best to pursue those within my means, but if not it won't be the end of the world or anything. I keep wanting to work on my own material, whether it's writing or producing. I think this break might be a good opportunity for me to do some of it. Each show makes me better and better at something and I think that's the most important aspect of why I like my work. It's ever-changing and exciting to be involved in and the fact that I feel like I'm competing against myself makes it even better.

So, long story short, lets hope work comes soon. I learned a lot about myself and my capabilities while on BBQ Pit Masters. Getting the opportunity to step up and take on more responsibilities was probably one of the best production experiences I've ever had. On top of getting to work side by side with some of the best people I've ever worked with. I'll miss them, and I'll miss the BBQ competitions and being an honorary member of the BBQ community, but who knows? Maybe there will be a season 2...

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