Monday, April 26, 2010

Dega Job

Sometimes shoots don't work out. I was hired by a company last week to PA a shoot for the Talladega NASCAR race. Unfortunately, bad weather canceled our shoot and the race that was going to happen on Saturday. Sunday's went off fine, but we weren't covering Sunday's. Anyways, all I ended up doing was running errands. It was pretty easy work. Reminded me a lot of interning except I didn't learn anything and didn't make any good connections. It was just a job. Fortunately, even though they canceled the shoot I still got paid.

There was a funny story I was going to tell about the very particular needs of one of the persons involved but it doesn't seem necessary. I just wonder when I'm a big producer or director if I will be as demanding as some of the people I've worked for. Is this what happens when we start at the bottom and work our way up? It seems many learn by example and become pickier and pickier as we assimilate more power.

I don't ever want to be picky. When the apocalypse comes, who's going to care about your non-fat Haagen-dazs strawberry sherbert with the blue top? Whose going to care about your skinny, sugar-free vanilla, one pump, extra shot vente latte? How will these people learn to survive without their Diet-Peach Snapples or 6" Turkey subs minus lettuce, minus bread, just mustard and meat? Seriously? I know it's my job and everything but I'm beginning to think people do this pettiness on purpose and there's really nothing I can do about it.

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  1. Slap 'em. That's what I'd do, unless the pay is so good, then I'd just suck it up and do whatever they want.