Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dega baby woo-hoo!

If you ain't first you're last. I just got a job working the talladega races and I'm super pumped! Sports events are some of best PA jobs out there. Once the race starts, it's go go time and you work hard but it's such a rush. My first PA job ever was a dega race. It should be fun. I expect it to be different than last time. Last time we were shooting promo stuff for a 35mm crew and this time it's for a company doing the broadcast. I haven't worked live television much so this will be a good experience.

Job starts early tomorrow and goes through Saturday. Hope I have as many fun stories I did from the last time I worked there. The highlight of that experience was getting flashed by a 50 year old drunk woman so that she could try to get a ride in the golf cart I was driving around that had all the equipment in it. Anyways, it should be good. Here's to optimism.

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