Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day Playuh!

Yesterday I worked a corporate training video shoot of a guy reading a teleprompter talking to an audience of stock brokers about how they should manage retirement funds. I acted mainly as script supervisor and personal assistant. I wish everyday would be like that--a very painless 6 hours. What made the day better was that I was working with two guys from "Lifted," the movie I was working on when I first started the blog! They weren't any two guys either, they were one of the producers and the director of photography, two wonderful gentlemen, very professional and easy to work for.

A friend of mine says that when you come off of a feature film project you're sharp as razors. I think she's right. It was nice because for the first time in a while I felt really good at my job! I'm not saying that I'd like to do videography work for the rest of my life, but some solid days here and there would really slow the encroaching grey hairs that are popping up in my hair line...

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