Monday, October 26, 2009

Off to Mineral Wells, TX

Last night I saw one of the scariest and most awesome displays of a thunderstorm I have ever seen in my whole life. Unfortunately, it was in a car, weighted down with tons of gear while driving down a super wet highway at ten o'clock at night in Dallas after working a fifteen hour day. Not the best of ideas.

Fortunately the associate producer didn't think it was a good idea either and when I'd only gotten about ten miles away in forty minutes he called and told me to come back to the hotel in Dallas, and stay another night. I did. I definately had no problems turning back. It was a good call. Fatigue and driving in thunderstorms don't mix well. The sleep was great, but now I have to still get out to Mineral Wells but this time it's in morning rush hour. I don't know which will be worse.

Dallas drivers are some of the scariest I've ever seen. On my way into downtown yesterday I passed a remaining hulk of some burnt out SUV sitting on the side of the road. On top of that, if you turn on the local news here, it's nothing but serious fatal accidents, one after another. It makes me wonder, "what the hell is wrong with this place?" One of our executives calls Dallas/Fort Worth "the arm pit of America." I don't agree with him, but seriously, someone tell me where all the cool stuff is? All I see is chain after chain of corporate blandness on top of this mile per mile of hellacious roadway.


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