Friday, October 23, 2009

Another day in concrete paradise down by the airport.

Check out that sexy pic of me with my new Panavision hat!

So we woke up this morning and found we had check-out notices that had been slipped under our doors by those stealthy hotel hilton room ninjas. So, the first email of the day went out to our travel coordinator and it went something like this: "WTF? We're being evicted."

While we were waiting on the hotel to get solved, I drove the associate producer around town to run errands, most importantly of which, was to go to a western union to get cash for our per-diem. KA - CHING! Hells yeah!

With fresh cash burning a whole in my pocket and his pocket we hit our next stop at the Panavision camera rental house in Dallas and yeah, in case you're wondering, it was big. It even has a gift shop! Not being able to control myself, I bought nifty, aforementioned Panavision - Dallas hat to commemorate the toil and agony that is going on here.

Not long afterwards we found out that our hotel had been taken care and with a slew of other things accomplished, all in all, today is going to be a good day. It has been decided.

Copy that?

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