Tuesday, September 22, 2009

BBQ Heaven

So it's not every job that you get to do something you really, really enjoy.  I enjoy BBQ.  I'm from the south, and BBQ is one of those things that just seams to grow on trees here.  This show that was supposed to be a 4 day thing in Decatur, Alabama, turned into a 5 day thing with a free road trip to Carbondale, Illinois.  And from there it turned into a two week gig!

It's all happening very last minute but overall I got to say it's well worth it.  We modified the original plan a bit so I could go back up and rejoin the crew on Wednesday.  I drove back to Decatur Monday.  After eating dinner with my mom in neighboring Huntsville, I drove back to Birmingham.  From there I have a day to pack, wash clothes, and get all my loose ends tied up before the following day.  

It's pretty exciting stuff.  Next week we'll be in Kansas City.  I've never been there so I'm pretty stoked. 

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