Friday, February 19, 2010

Oh, Oscar, dost thou really give a shit?

Peter Bart is hilarious. I read his lately article on Variety about how he is approaching his oscar voting and how he perceives it all to be going. It's a wonderful insider look at what this is really all about--a concept that even someone like Mr. Bart admits rather blatantly, he doesn't understand. I imagine the editors and executives at Variety told Peter to write something about how he sees the Oscar race to be shaping up, instead he gave a "who knows what the hell" article that is probably far closer to the point than most oscar analysts would like to admit.

I've always agreed that the oscar race is more like a three legged rodeo ride and that what wins doesn't always mean its best, just that it was pretty good. If any of the films win for best oscar, (except "district 9" and "blind side") I will be okay with it. Though, on a personal level, I'd rather not see Avatar win, as I'd like to see Cameron lose to his ex-wife katherine. And that's what the Oscar race really is all about, a personal, vendetta-like experience that pits brother against sister as every vies what what is the "best" when in actuality there really isn't (again, except for "district 9" and "blind side") because even to be nomintated you have to be really good, again, I can't understand why "district 9" and "blind side" got nominated, after soooooo many better films (Star Trek, Moon, Nine, Public Enemies, Watchmen... Hannah Montana) Seriously, "district 9" why? Was it because they had the most viral ad campaign ever made? give me a break for god's sake.

Enough digressing. I'll be spending Oscar night at a fundraiser for the AIMA, which is some acronym for Alabama film makers, though I forget what it is. The Alec Baldwin/Steve Martin act should be mildly funny, and I'm sure the speeches will be same-ole shoe. Doesn't matter, as I expect I'll only be half watching it anyways and no matter who wins, I'll probably say, "well that figures."

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  1. Spoken like a true cynic. I understand the frustrations with the Oscars, but to me they'll always represent something special. Sure, the awards aspect is very political, and what deserves to win rarely brings home the gold, but the show itself is, in my opinion, the last lingering aspect of the Golden Age still alive.